Is this your film?

Pretty cool of this guy. Hopefully the owner of the film will eventually see it.

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Piano Fitness – “I’m taking the stairs!”

Ummm….so cool!

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Lovin’ Mcglover

This woman, Megan McGlover is AWESOME! Don’t be stupid people! Watch it!

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Bored insomniacs please read this post

My late nights have been annoying but I found a site that helps me sleep! I know, I have tried everything and this helps…not all the time but more than a few times I have found myself waking up with the computer in my lap and the music from this game playing.

It is

The game that has become another mild obsession is boomshine.

I have played many of the games on this site , but Boomshine seems to have a hypnotic way about it. Try it. Let me know.


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Want to read a pirate story….

Standing on top of a lantern, over the doorway of the Eglinton Arms Hotel, is the figure of a girl, holding in one hand a sword, dripping blood, and in the other, a severed head.

read the whole story here

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Pirate map of 2008’s attacks

2008 Pirate Attacks

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Zodiac Killer, just a few of the details



“I want to report a murder. If you will go one-mile east on Columbus Parkway, you will find kids in a brown car. They were shot with a nine-millimeter Luger. I also killed those kids last year. Goodbye.”

Twenty-six days later, three envelopes arrived at the offices of three Bay Area newspapers. Each envelope contained a handwritten letter and a piece of a coded message. The writer provided a list of details regarding the two shootings, and explained that the symbols formed a coded message that would reveal his identity. The letter ended with a warning, “If you do not print this cipher by the afternoon of Fry. 1st of Aug. 69, I will go on a kill rampage Fry. night. I will cruse around all weekend killing lone people in the night then move on to kill again, untill I end up with a dozen people over the weekend.” A crossed – circle symbol had been drawn at the bottom of the page.

Each of the newspapers complied with the demand to publish the cipher, and news of the gunman’s threats created fears that he would strike again. Experts and amateurs scrambled to decode the cipher while investigators sorted through hundreds of tips from helpful citizens. The deciphered message did not reveal the killer’s identity but the words did offer a chilling portrait of the author’s state of mind. “I like killing people because it is so much fun … I will not give you my name because you will try to slo(w) down or stop my collecting of slaves for my after life …” above info found here





Want to learn how to break the code yourself? Check out this site :

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BLACK BART – Took lots of booty

If I was going to be a pirate, why not Black Bart. If you believe the claims, which I choose to do because it is just more fun that way, he got more booty than most pirates.

“Black Bart” was one of the most successful pirates of all time. He has claimed over four hundred ships and fifty million in booty.

Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart, was one of the most successful pirates in history. He went to sea at a young age and quickly assumed the position of Third Mate. After his ship was taken by pirates, and he was made to join their ranks, Roberts proved himself and was elected Captain in 1719. Two years later he had accumulated over £50 million worth of treasure and had taken hundreds of ships throughout the Americas. He decided to return across the Atlantic in order to sell his stolen goods. From there he then proceeded to pillage the African Coast where he took several slavers. This eventually led to a confrontation with a Royal Navy patrol in February 1722. HMS ‘Swallow’, commanded by Captain Chaloner Ogle, caught up with Roberts off the coast of Cape Lopez (present day Gabon). In the ensuing engagement, Roberts was killed and his crew taken prisoner. Over 50 of them were later hanged.

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“Please don’t take my picture, it’s too early!


So today has been a pretty boring day. My goal was to get more writing done for nanowrimo but I think I only managed about fifty extra words. I have pretty much surfed the internet, read more of “The End of Prosperity”, and taken two baths. However, I did come across an interesting article with helpful tips that are good for everyone.

For example i learned:

  • If you need new shoes, it is better to go in the late afternoon because your feet are at their biggest…
  • The best time to book a flight is wednesday from 12am-2am…
  • And it is best to have your photo taken mid-day soon after applying make-up…

Well, I found it fascinating, wich isn’t saying much.

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Haunt This – Can I get a ghost story?


I absolutely can not get enough ghost stories. I have always been fascinated and curiously admire old spooky houses thinking they may have a ghost. In high school I had quite a collection of ghost stories, hauntings, paranormal phenomena, etc. My favorite book was Amityville Horror Conspiracy. I know that many stories are exaggerated or even made up and that there are many that think the idea of a place being haunted is absurd. This book was interesting because it argued that the famous Amityville haunting was a hoax. I have read the book more than once and still believe that the place was definitely haunted, but it made me aware of how things can be manipulated and strewn to make people believe things that are false. This page will be on hauntings. I encourage anyone to tell their own stories or favorite haunting or even why you make think it is all nonsense…..


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SHOPLIFTER!!!!!! Bla – dowWw….Wow – Watch out now!


It is a chilly wednesday in october and I love it. This is my favorite time of the year, chilly weather requiring the trip to the attic to get out the warm clothes. Geezz, that is two great things right there: warm clothes and I get to go in the attic. I have a weird homey-cozie-sucluded-affection and secret crush on attics.
But to move on….My mom is coming in to town tomorrow and it is her BIRTHDAY!!!! Get ready for the gifts woman cause I got some good ones!
I am so tired right now, hopefully the sleeping pill will kick in soon and rescue you the reader from my random blog tonight. I have been up since four am and have been going nonstop. But today was not just an ordinary day in retail. Oh No! Today my co-workers and I managed to catch a shoplifter!
WATCH BEFORE READING THE REST(a scene ironically filmed right up the street!





Oh yeah you read it correctly! Homeslice had put a pair of leggings and a shirt in her bag and when she walked out, my co-worker “ain’t -nobody-stealing-while-im-on-the-clock Super D”, quickly noticed within seconds that a pair of black shiny stretchy pants that he had just folded hundreds of seconds ago was GONE! Super D quickly turned to me , and then instantly at the door, the door the shoplifter just walked out of, and then back at me. I said GoGoGO – Get u a shoplifter. So out Super D went, wow.Still hyped up I am now by myself in the store and have so many things going through my mind I am pretty sure I just stood still with a doooooy moment facial expression. But it wasn’t five minutes later when Super D and manager super K came walking back in the store. I looked at them with a face of :Tell me tell me! Did you catch the shoplifter! Huh? Huh?huh? but I had to so so quick-like change my facial expression cause homegirl actually came BACK TO THE STORE, SAT DOWN, AND WAITED for the cops to get there.Then, homegirl tells us that she has met

Mr. Rogers?@#$ (I know…random…..i know……)

The cops came and took the SHOPLIFTER away and Super K and I(a.k.a. one-legged-pop-tart)immediately went in to our “victory – we-just-got-a-shoplifter-happy-dance”
But here is the best part of this whole story. We were replaying the event and adding our own witty(yeah we can be funny)things we should of said. Super D had the best line, hands down. Picture this scenario…..Super D pictures shoplifter’s day at court. Might I add, this is all with a huge grin on his face. Super D said that if he met the mother of the shoplifter he would say, “Hey, I just saw your daughter………..IN COURT! She looked TRAGIC!”
 Oh what a day what a day!

Over and Out


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Spider eats Bird….seriously – eeewwwww

THIS amazing image of a mammoth spider devouring a bird was taken in the backyard of a property near Cairns.

The image, which is being cirulated via email worldwide, is real, according to wildlife experts, The Cairns Post reported.

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So the runner is a hermaphrodite…Umm…REALLY!?!

Wow. I remember hearing about this assumption on fox news. A teen was rumored to be male and female and they were questioning wether or not this person would be eligible to race in the gender she was entered in the race….well here it is …

Semenya is claimed to have NO womb or ovaries — and has internal testes, the male sexual organs which produce testosterone.

The row over Semenya’s biology has caused huge divisions — with South African politicians calling slurs she is a man “racist and sexist.” Her birth certificate has the teen listed as female and urine tests showed that, despite her having higher than average male hormone levels, they are within the official limits for a woman.

But an IAAF source was today quoted as saying: “There certainly is evidence now that Semenya is a hermaphrodite.

Umm…REALLY!?! Read the whole story here

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