SHOPLIFTER!!!!!! Bla – dowWw….Wow – Watch out now!


It is a chilly wednesday in october and I love it. This is my favorite time of the year, chilly weather requiring the trip to the attic to get out the warm clothes. Geezz, that is two great things right there: warm clothes and I get to go in the attic. I have a weird homey-cozie-sucluded-affection and secret crush on attics.
But to move on….My mom is coming in to town tomorrow and it is her BIRTHDAY!!!! Get ready for the gifts woman cause I got some good ones!
I am so tired right now, hopefully the sleeping pill will kick in soon and rescue you the reader from my random blog tonight. I have been up since four am and have been going nonstop. But today was not just an ordinary day in retail. Oh No! Today my co-workers and I managed to catch a shoplifter!
WATCH BEFORE READING THE REST(a scene ironically filmed right up the street!





Oh yeah you read it correctly! Homeslice had put a pair of leggings and a shirt in her bag and when she walked out, my co-worker “ain’t -nobody-stealing-while-im-on-the-clock Super D”, quickly noticed within seconds that a pair of black shiny stretchy pants that he had just folded hundreds of seconds ago was GONE! Super D quickly turned to me , and then instantly at the door, the door the shoplifter just walked out of, and then back at me. I said GoGoGO – Get u a shoplifter. So out Super D went, wow.Still hyped up I am now by myself in the store and have so many things going through my mind I am pretty sure I just stood still with a doooooy moment facial expression. But it wasn’t five minutes later when Super D and manager super K came walking back in the store. I looked at them with a face of :Tell me tell me! Did you catch the shoplifter! Huh? Huh?huh? but I had to so so quick-like change my facial expression cause homegirl actually came BACK TO THE STORE, SAT DOWN, AND WAITED for the cops to get there.Then, homegirl tells us that she has met

Mr. Rogers?@#$ (I know…random…..i know……)

The cops came and took the SHOPLIFTER away and Super K and I(a.k.a. one-legged-pop-tart)immediately went in to our “victory – we-just-got-a-shoplifter-happy-dance”
But here is the best part of this whole story. We were replaying the event and adding our own witty(yeah we can be funny)things we should of said. Super D had the best line, hands down. Picture this scenario…..Super D pictures shoplifter’s day at court. Might I add, this is all with a huge grin on his face. Super D said that if he met the mother of the shoplifter he would say, “Hey, I just saw your daughter………..IN COURT! She looked TRAGIC!”
 Oh what a day what a day!

Over and Out


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