Haunt This – Can I get a ghost story?


I absolutely can not get enough ghost stories. I have always been fascinated and curiously admire old spooky houses thinking they may have a ghost. In high school I had quite a collection of ghost stories, hauntings, paranormal phenomena, etc. My favorite book was Amityville Horror Conspiracy. I know that many stories are exaggerated or even made up and that there are many that think the idea of a place being haunted is absurd. This book was interesting because it argued that the famous Amityville haunting was a hoax. I have read the book more than once and still believe that the place was definitely haunted, but it made me aware of how things can be manipulated and strewn to make people believe things that are false. This page will be on hauntings. I encourage anyone to tell their own stories or favorite haunting or even why you make think it is all nonsense…..


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