BLACK BART – Took lots of booty

If I was going to be a pirate, why not Black Bart. If you believe the claims, which I choose to do because it is just more fun that way, he got more booty than most pirates.

“Black Bart” was one of the most successful pirates of all time. He has claimed over four hundred ships and fifty million in booty.

Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart, was one of the most successful pirates in history. He went to sea at a young age and quickly assumed the position of Third Mate. After his ship was taken by pirates, and he was made to join their ranks, Roberts proved himself and was elected Captain in 1719. Two years later he had accumulated over £50 million worth of treasure and had taken hundreds of ships throughout the Americas. He decided to return across the Atlantic in order to sell his stolen goods. From there he then proceeded to pillage the African Coast where he took several slavers. This eventually led to a confrontation with a Royal Navy patrol in February 1722. HMS ‘Swallow’, commanded by Captain Chaloner Ogle, caught up with Roberts off the coast of Cape Lopez (present day Gabon). In the ensuing engagement, Roberts was killed and his crew taken prisoner. Over 50 of them were later hanged.

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