Zodiac Killer, just a few of the details



“I want to report a murder. If you will go one-mile east on Columbus Parkway, you will find kids in a brown car. They were shot with a nine-millimeter Luger. I also killed those kids last year. Goodbye.”

Twenty-six days later, three envelopes arrived at the offices of three Bay Area newspapers. Each envelope contained a handwritten letter and a piece of a coded message. The writer provided a list of details regarding the two shootings, and explained that the symbols formed a coded message that would reveal his identity. The letter ended with a warning, “If you do not print this cipher by the afternoon of Fry. 1st of Aug. 69, I will go on a kill rampage Fry. night. I will cruse around all weekend killing lone people in the night then move on to kill again, untill I end up with a dozen people over the weekend.” A crossed – circle symbol had been drawn at the bottom of the page.

Each of the newspapers complied with the demand to publish the cipher, and news of the gunman’s threats created fears that he would strike again. Experts and amateurs scrambled to decode the cipher while investigators sorted through hundreds of tips from helpful citizens. The deciphered message did not reveal the killer’s identity but the words did offer a chilling portrait of the author’s state of mind. “I like killing people because it is so much fun … I will not give you my name because you will try to slo(w) down or stop my collecting of slaves for my after life …” above info found here






                            http://www.zodiackiller.com/ZPoem.html  fingerprint














Want to learn how to break the code yourself? Check out this site : http://www.vectorsite.net/ttcode.html



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BLACK BART – Took lots of booty

If I was going to be a pirate, why not Black Bart. If you believe the claims, which I choose to do because it is just more fun that way, he got more booty than most pirates.

“Black Bart” was one of the most successful pirates of all time. He has claimed over four hundred ships and fifty million in booty.

Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart, was one of the most successful pirates in history. He went to sea at a young age and quickly assumed the position of Third Mate. After his ship was taken by pirates, and he was made to join their ranks, Roberts proved himself and was elected Captain in 1719. Two years later he had accumulated over £50 million worth of treasure and had taken hundreds of ships throughout the Americas. He decided to return across the Atlantic in order to sell his stolen goods. From there he then proceeded to pillage the African Coast where he took several slavers. This eventually led to a confrontation with a Royal Navy patrol in February 1722. HMS ‘Swallow’, commanded by Captain Chaloner Ogle, caught up with Roberts off the coast of Cape Lopez (present day Gabon). In the ensuing engagement, Roberts was killed and his crew taken prisoner. Over 50 of them were later hanged.


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Pirates have stories worth telling

Did you know that the Soviet Union helped the pirates in WWII?

A book by Igor Bunich, The Fuhrer’s Pirates, includes three stories based on facts about the sea pirates. And although the stories are dedicated to the fleet of the once-deadly enemy of the country, the characters of the book are not divided into ours and the enemies’. These are stories about nobility, treachery, fatal risk, the sea and war; these are stories relating that every vessel has its soul, which can be gloomy, evil, kind or cheerful. This cosmopolitanism arises from the fact that the man-of-war’s men, as well as pilots, although they belong to inimical parties, are very much alike in their shared love for the sea and the sky – which is, after all, beyond enmity and politics. click to read more

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ugliest three legged dog dies

Cancer got the ugliest dog. R.I.P. Gus – I will miss your ugly face 😦

A Florida woman says she is mourning the loss of Gus, her Chinese crested who had the honor of being the world’s ugliest dog.



The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times said Tuesday 9-year-old Gus was put down this week in a losing battle against skin cancer.





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Pirates gone wild

Pirates seize chemical tanker, 23 crew off Somalia arrgghhhh

As of Monday, there have been 83 attacks this year in Somali waters, with 33 ships hijacked. Twelve vessels remain in the hands of pirates along with more than 200 crew, Choong said, most notably a Ukrainian freighter loaded with tanks and weapons seized Sept. 25.

Click link to read full article…


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“Please don’t take my picture, it’s too early!


So today has been a pretty boring day. My goal was to get more writing done for nanowrimo but I think I only managed about fifty extra words. I have pretty much surfed the internet, read more of “The End of Prosperity”, and taken two baths. However, I did come across an interesting article with helpful tips that are good for everyone.

For example i learned:

  • If you need new shoes, it is better to go in the late afternoon because your feet are at their biggest…
  • The best time to book a flight is wednesday from 12am-2am…
  • And it is best to have your photo taken mid-day soon after applying make-up…

Well, I found it fascinating, wich isn’t saying much.

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H. H. Holmes –


Dr. Henry Howard Holmes 


hh-holmesHis real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, but understandably he used the alias Docter Henry Howard Holmes. He is known for admitting to27 murders in a Chicago hotel. Nine of them were confirmed true, but no one really knows how many people he has killed. Many have written or made films about Holmes in attempt to let the world know about this famous serial killer. The Devil in the White City by Erik Lawson, Depraved: The Definitive True Story of H.H. Holmes, Whose Grotesque Crimes Shattered Turn-of-the-Century Chicago by Harold Schechter, and a film documentary by John Borowski called H. H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer.



The book – Devil in the White                  

City by Erik Lawson 200px-dwcity                                 










 Holme’s story sounds horrible. Apparently, (click to see full article)


The house, or “The Castle” as it was called, was completed just in time for the 1893 World’s Fair. It contained over 100 rooms. The first floor was occupied by shops and boutiques, and the third floor housed his personal offices and living quarters. The middle floor would prove to be one of the most terrible real-life houses of horror imaginable.

The mansion’s middle floor was filled with doors that opened to brick walls, stairways to nowhere, an elevator without a shaft and a shaft without an elevator.

There was an airtight and soundproof vault, torture chambers, dissecting tables, a crematorium, chemical vats, quicklime pits, and human-sized greased chutes leading from the living quarters to the cellar.

Peepholes were everywhere. The bedrooms were equipped with asphyxiating gas pipes connected to a control panel in Dr. Holmes’ closet, so he could murder his guests at will.

Dr. Holmes was also said to have an “elasticity determinator,” a machine he claimed could stretch experimental subjects to twice their normal length in order to produce a race of giants. Those who viewed it (and lived) said it appeared to be a medieval torture rack.

Holmes, a charismatic and charming doctor, had little trouble collecting his victims. He repeatedly advertised his “boardinghouse” and attracted many unassuming young women. Repeatedly they willingly walked into his “Castle,” but not out. The poor girls would be tortured until they delivered all their possessions to him, then murdered. Their bodies would be thrown down a chute into vats of acid and lime, then cremated.

This was one of the better sites I found on the “murder castle” story:


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